Andy, Elsa and Snoopy


Jacob (my four-and-a-half-year old) doesn’t watch television.  Don’t be too impressed.  Or annoyed.  It is only because: 1. we have no idea when Dora or the Backyardigans are on, 2. we don’t want to be ruled by the timing of these sorts of shows and 3. Jacob has a steady diet of videos instead.  On the upside, this means he doesn’t see commercials.  So, Jacob never badgers us to buy Captain Crunch or Lucky Charms or any other “part of a complete breakfast”.

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Jacob, my four year old, needs glasses.

I noticed about six months ago that one of his eyes was drifting in.  Hmm.  Has it always done that?  Dan, have you noticed . . .? Yes, my husband Dan noticed too.  Jacob has always been a bit clumsy.  I just assumed this was because he chose to ignore the objects in his path.  A lifestyle choice, really.  But it suddenly occurred to me that maybe Jacob isn’t seeing things clearly. Jacob’s eye began to drift more often.  So, we did what any parents without a shred of medical expertise would do.  We did our own eye exam.

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Countdown to Kindergarten


When our friends ask where we plan to send my son Jacob for kindergarten, I stonewall.

“We don’t really believe in formal education.  We think Jacob can learn everything he needs to know on the street.  So, come September, we plan to just open the front door and say, ‘Go ahead, child.  Go out and learn. Just be home by dinner time.  Or once you’ve made your fortune.'”

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