Maybe It’s Our Own Fault

JB in front of TV2 7-16-10

Last week, my post was about the conspiracy to make parenting even harder.  The onslaught of “helpful” information. The recalled baby products.  And the pressure to interact with our children in a way that promotes their cognitive development.  (Blah, blah, blah). I’ve had a bit more time to think things over.  And now I’m wondering if maybe we– the parents– are really at the root of the problem.  Maybe WE are the ones making this job even harder than it needs to be.

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Conspiracy Theory

Oy vey

I don’t mean to sound paranoid.  But is it possible that there is a conspiracy to make parenting even harder?  Before you roll your eyes, hear me out.  I’m sure I will convince you.  And once I do, maybe you can figure out who is behind this.  Who is trying to undermine the hard-working, well-meaning (sometimes fumbling) parents of today?  (Oliver Stone, are you paying attention?) Okay, begin rant.

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Education is Overrated

Academic Emma

Maybe education is overrated.  I’m not talking about education for school-aged children. I’m talking about education for the under five set.  Preschool.  Baby school.  Perhaps this is a somewhat hypocritical stance for me to take given that I received a number of extra (unnecessary?) years of formal education myself.  But I’m thinking that a fair amount of this ‘learning’ is a wash.  And, in some cases, does more harm than good.  Just a few examples . . .

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Selling our House

monopoly house

We’ve been trying to sell our house.  FOR.  MONTHS.  You know how the best time to unload a property is in the springtime?  Yeah.  Since then.  Hey, looky there, it’s almost THANKSGIVING.  Yes, we are fast approaching the time of year when the real estate market freezes up until the spring thaw.  Also, did I mention that we bought our house at the height of the market?  (It’s all about timing, people.  Wanna hear which stocks I’m picking to shoot up in the next quarter?)

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