Emma’s New Years Resolutions

E on train

Hi Folks,

Me again.  I understand that there is another holiday on the way.  New Years.  Okay, a few questions.  First, do we need a new one because someone broke the old one?  If so: it wasn’t me.  (Unless by “year” you mean Mommy’s necklace.  That was totally me.)  Next question: does this holiday mean I get boxes wrapped in shiny paper. No? Well, then honestly, what’s the big deal?

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Education is Overrated

Academic Emma

Maybe education is overrated.  I’m not talking about education for school-aged children. I’m talking about education for the under five set.  Preschool.  Baby school.  Perhaps this is a somewhat hypocritical stance for me to take given that I received a number of extra (unnecessary?) years of formal education myself.  But I’m thinking that a fair amount of this ‘learning’ is a wash.  And, in some cases, does more harm than good.  Just a few examples . . .

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Talk to me

I think Emma is being a little bit passive aggressive.  Yes, I realize she is just a baby.  And, yes, I am aware that she only knows four words.  Well, four words in English anyway.  (I am not qualified to comment on how many words she knows in Urdu or Mandarin Chinese.) That doesn’t mean she can’t communicate.  Case in point: last week I had my first ever conversation with her; the transcript is below.

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